Water tank manufacturer Kerala

We were the first to introduce the unique design low level water tanks with the brand name EASY CLEAN and PUF INSULATED water tank, which prevents the water inside the tank from getting hot.

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Regatta Water Tanks

Regatta tank is one of the leading water tank manufacturer in kerala. Regatta water tank designed and developed by Central Institute of plastic Engineering and Technology (CIPET).Our products certification process are done through Anzis software.

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Regatta Septic Tanks

Regatta introducing two type of septic tank one is Regatta septic tank and the other Piranha septic tank. Piranha septic tank is the low cost economy model septic tank. Regatta Tanks have Anti Floating Design by which even in water-logged places the tank..

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Regatta Fish Tanks

Sithara plastics pvt ltd have diversified their product portfolio with a new range of products in aquaponics. We are introducing "Aquaponics fish tank" which is highly innovative and easy to handle. Also, you can culture plants such as Leafy green vegetables and herbs in this..

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