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Regatta Septic Tanks

Regatta introducing two type of septic tank one is Regatta septic tank and the other Piranha septic tank. Piranha septic tank is the low cost economy model septic tank.

Regatta Tanks have Anti Floating Design by which even in water-logged places the tank won’t float. Special Installation Procedure for water lodged places. Regatta tanks provide 15 years Replacement Guarantee for septic tanks.We are one of the leading septic tank manufacturer in Kerala, Our products developed and designed through advance research by Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology, Govt. of India(CIPET).The product is certified through the testing of factors such as Structural Strength, Tensile Strength using Anzis Software by Dr B. Biju (M.Tech, PhD), M.A. College of Engineering, Kothamangalam. Regatta Tanks are created in white colour, which can only be developed using Virgin Materials. So, it provides Double life period.Regatta Tanks are bigger than those tanks with the same flushing capacity. This helps in having more span of cleaning interval than others. Regatta Tanks have a Patented design.